B&FRHT (Registered no: 11668316) Garth Celyn, Penrhyndeudraeth, Wales, LL48 6RF


Locomotive NumberBuild Date (Batch)Location BuiltNotes
6311Swindon Works, GWR
GWR 43XX 6357 at rest in the yard at Bala with 3749 standing on the coal road. Croes Newydd sent a mogul to Bala in case of engineering work on the line as the water capacity of a tender engine made staying on site easier for the locomotive should it be needed for any duties compared to the limited water of a tank engineGWR 43XX 6311 pulls into Bala Junction from Bala on the relief line with a lengthy train of box vans, oil tanks and open wagons working through to either Ruabon or Croes Newydd yards