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Phase 4


Works Planning Phase. The project involves work on 6.5 miles of mothballed track, multiple structures and up to 6 stations over the course of its lifetime. As a result of this a significant amount of planning and preparation needs to be carried out to ensure that the work is carried out safely and to appropriate standards. It is not as simple as sending an email out asking for volunteers to attend on a specific date to carry out works for the line

The full process is much more detailed than that and can take a considerable amount of time to happen. The initial stages is to determine the scope of work that is required and from that a potential timescale of works. The next stage is to determine if the work will have any environmental impact and therefore requiring an environmental survey to be carried out prior to the work being completed.

Once the scope of work is confirmed and the environmental survey carried out where required it is then necessary to carry out risk assessments of the work with a view to minimising any risk to volunteers and others before, during and after the completion of the work. The goal is to minimise any risks to all parties and ensure that the work is fit for purpose.

Within this process will be the specification of the skills and equipment needed to complete the work and if necessary organizing training to provide members / volunteers with the skills necessary to complete the works taht need carrying out.

On completion of the initial work specification and risk assessment phase the details of the work is transferred to the trusts Planning Works Policy document. On completion of this document it is then sent to the Trust Committee for approval. Upon receipt of approval from the committee the intention is (subject to discussions with Network Rail) that the document be sent to their nominated representative for formal approval from Network Rail to carry out the works.